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Meet our Board of Directors and advisors

Governance overview

Genome Canada was established in February 2000 under the Canada Corporations Act and, in 2012, was issued new Articles of Continuance under the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act. Drawn from the academic, private and public sectors, Genome Canada Board Directors bring diverse experience and expertise to advance our mission to improve lives and strengthen communities through applied genomics research and innovation.

Our Board is composed of up to 16 individuals. Each Director is appointed for a two-year term, renewable up to a maximum of six years. The presidents of five federal research funding agencies are non-voting, Ex-Officio Advisors to the Board of Directors.

Board committees

Board of Directors

Corporate Secretary

Science and Industry Advisory Committee (SIAC)

SIAC is a permanent committee of Genome Canada’s Board of Directors. The Committee is tasked with providing advice and recommendations to the board on:

  • Emerging scientific research opportunities and challenges and potential areas for investment in genomics and Genomics in Society, including GE3LS research in Canada.
  • International trends, developments and potential national and international collaborations.
  • Areas of strategic social and economic importance to Canada.
  • Application of the outcomes of genomics research including commercialization, knowledge transfer, policy development, and social and economic benefits.