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How we work

Harnessing the transformative power of genomics to tackle today’s biggest challenges
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Our approach

Genome Canada’s impact-focused approach translates cutting-edge genomics research and innovation into solutions to today’s biggest challenges. Through the Canadian Genomics Enterprise—a unique investment model comprising Genome Canada and six independent regional Genome Centres—we deliver economic, health, social and environmental impact for Canada and the world.

We lead challenge-driven genomics initiatives and make other key research investments focused on areas of strategic importance for Canada where genomics can make a vital difference—mobilizing research and innovation, expertise on the intersections of genomics and society, and Canadian skills and talent.

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Challenge-driven genomics

Challenge-driven genomics

Our challenge-driven initiatives connect and coordinate dedicated researchers, business leaders, policymakers and others from across sectors to tackle complex challenges with innovative genomics-based solutions.

They are supported through a flexible portfolio of programs, co-created with the Genome Centres and other key partners and users to reflect regional strengths and opportunities—ensuring direction from the communities that will benefit from our impact.

Initiative portfolios include:

  • A mix of open and directed applied and discovery research initiatives
  • Research that addresses the societal implications of genomics
  • Partnered projects with a focus on applications and innovation
  • Capacity building (e.g., technology development and deployment)
  • Data generation, analysis, tools, repositories and standards
  • Skills development and training
  • Knowledge mobilization strategies

Charting Canada’s
genomics future

Charting Canada’s
genomics future

From our challenge-driven genomics initiatives to other key strategic research investments, we work across three broad pillars.

Research and Innovation

Genome Canada investments fuel the research and innovation pipeline—from discovery to applied research to commercialization.

  • Large-scale research
  • Data
  • Infrastructure and capacity-building
  • Translation
  • International collaborations
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Fostering the responsible and ethical development and deployment of genomics-based solutions, supporting evidence-based policy and decision making, and building public trust and understanding of genomics, are core to our approach.
  • Supporting GE3LS research
  • Informing policy
  • Promoting genomics literacy


Inclusive capacity building, skills development and training for the people at the heart of our challenge-driven genomics initiatives—from next generation research talent, to non-specialists adopting genomics tools across sectors, to diverse communities engaged in and affected by our work—is vital to driving impact for all Canadians.

  • Talent and training
  • Inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility (IDEA) in genomics
  • Indigenous genomics leadership and engagement

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