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Challenge areas
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Challenge-driven genomics to improve lives, strengthen communities and drive economic growth

Genome Canada translates cutting-edge genomics research and innovation into solutions to national and global challenges—generating economic, health, social and environmental impact through targeted, challenge-driven genomics initiatives. Our challenge-driven initiatives are focused on areas of strategic importance for Canada where genomics makes a vital difference. They convene stakeholders from across sectors to tackle complex challenges as a coordinated ecosystem of partners.

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How we work

Our challenge-driven initiatives connect and coordinate dedicated researchers, business leaders, policymakers and others from across sectors to tackle complex challenges with innovative genomics-based solutions.

Challenge-driven genomics initiatives

Our impact across sectors

By the numbers

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Federal investment in Genome Canada to kickstart
the Pan-Canadian Genomics Strategy (2021)
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Total research investment since 2000
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Research investment in 2020-21
Spinoff companies created over two decades
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Investment in more than 5,500 trainees since 2000