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Climate change and the environment

Leading climate action, driving environmental sustainability and developing the resources of the future

In the face of a global climate crisis, genomics has enormous power and potential to help Canada achieve a net-zero carbon future, strengthen environmental sustainability across sectors and protect and transform our vast natural resources.

Propelled by more than two decades of Genome Canada investments, genomics-enabled solutions are enhancing production by Canada’s aquaculture sector and protection of marine ecosystems. They are making forests more productive and sustainable. And they are equipping Canada to preserve a clean, safe and sustainable environment through the development of technologies to monitor and manage the impacts of humans, climate change and invasive species.

Genome Canada is driving innovation across Canada’s bio-economy to improve the wellbeing of Canadians and the environment. We are charting the course for a new economy powered by advances in engineering biology that enable the development of new, more sustainable resources and modes of production.


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Genomics and the environment

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