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Saving lives and revolutionizing healthcare

Genomics is helping us tackle the greatest health challenges of our time, driving life-saving breakthroughs and unlocking revolutionary advances in personalized medicine.

Fueled by more than two decades of investment by Genome Canada, genomics-enabled precision health tools are speeding up diagnoses and improving health outcomes and disease management for Canadians. Genomics is also playing a leading role in Canada’s response to major public health challenges, such as COVID-19—permitting vaccine development at record speed and large-scale sequencing efforts to track and understand the pandemic.

Genome Canada is charting a bold and more equitable future for healthcare in Canada as we harness the power of genomics—and create shared tools and data assets—to strengthen public health and shift from a disease-oriented healthcare system to one that is more precise, personalized, predictive, preventative and cost effective. We are also advancing a “One Health” approach (addressing the interconnectedness of people, animals, plants and their shared environment) to strengthen Canadian, and global, health security.

A Pan-Canadian dialogue on the status of population cohorts in Canada

A national approach to large-scale, inclusive datasets can enable precision health to improve health outcomes and systemsdriving life sciences innovation in Canada.

Generating solutions for Canada

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Genomics and the human health sector

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