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Genomics to promote sustainable fisheries in Canada


A new project funded through Genome Canada’s Genomics Applications Partnership Program (GAPP) will harness the power of genomics to expand high-protein shellfish production, promoting sustainble fisheries and addressing food insecurity in Canada.

Announced in December 2023, a new investment of $41 million will support the latest round of GAPP projects, fueling late-stage research and development (R&D) projects addressing real world opportunities and challenges, including a nearly $3.5 million investment in sustainble fisheries.  


Dr. Rámon Filgueira, Associate Professor, Marine Affairs Program, Dalhousie University.
Dr. Tiago Hori, Director of Innovation and principal co-investigator, Atlantic Aqua Farm.

Triploid mussel genomics program

A team led by Ramon Filgueira (Dalhousie University) and Dr. Tiago Hori (Atlantic Aqua Farms) will increase mussel aquaculture to replace unsustainable protein sources for human consumption. Aquaculture is a viable option to enhance sustainble production of protein sources with its average global emissions being approximately ten times lower than beef production. Genomic-enabled tools will further Canadian leadership in aquaculture, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase food security across the country.

To learn more about this investment in genomic research and development, click here.


The Genomic Applications Partnership Program (GAPP) supports industry-facing partnered research projects that address real-world challenges. Designed to accelerate the social and economic impact of genomics, GAPP provides the space for research, innovation and application to thrive collaboratively. GAPP projects address real-world challenges and opportunities through greater collaboration between genomics scientists and the users of genomics research. They aim to stimulate public- and private-sector investment in Canadian genomics technologies, advancing technology uptake in receptors and moving technologies across readiness levels. 

Quick facts

  • Genome Canada’s Genomic Applications Partnership Program (GAPP) is a flagship initiative that recently marked its 10th year and 100th funded project.
    • GAPP leverages world-leading expertise and diversified public-private partnerships to accelerate the adoption of genomics solutions to generate broad economic and societal benefits for Canada.
  • Budget 2021 provided $400 million over six years, starting in 2021–22, to support the creation of the Canadian Genomics Strategy to drive further innovation in genomics through commercialization and adoption. This funding included $136.7 million over two years, starting in 2022–23, for programming delivered by Genome Canada to kick-start the new strategy and complement existing genomics research and innovation programming.
  • Today’s announcement includes more than $11 million in federal funding for genomics research and an additional $30 million in co-funding from provincial governments, businesses and other research partners across Canada.
  • Since 2000, Genome Canada has leveraged $1.6 billion in federal investment into a total investment of $3.9 billion in R&D including co-funding, supported over 13,784 talented research trainees, and spun-out more than 120 new Canadian companies.

Media contact

Nicola Katz, Director,
Communications Genome
Canada Cell: 613-297-0267