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Funding Opportunity to Create the Canadian Epigenetics, Environment and Health Research Consortium (CEEHRC)



This Funding Opportunity is to create the consortium structure for the Canadian Epigenetics, Environment and Health Research Consortium (CEEHRC), one of CIHR’s Roadmap Signature Initiatives. Epigenetics is the study of changes in the regulation of gene activity and expression that are not dependent on alterations in gene sequence. Epigenetics provides a compelling model for how environmental influences throughout life can have long-long effects on human health.

A number of dedicated funding opportunities have been launched over the last several years to create the core elements of CEEHRC, as required to advance the field of epigenetics in Canada and to link it to human health outcomes. Among others, these have included the creation of a National Epigenomics Platform (comprised of several Epigenomic Mapping Centres and Epigenomic Data Coordination Centres), innovative Catalyst grants to develop transformative new technologies and approaches, fellowship and training programs, and multi-disciplinary Team grants exploring gene-environment interactions and the links between epigenetics and human health and disease.

The goal of the current funding opportunity is to establish the national consortium structure that will network together all the previously funded CEEHRC components, and expand their reach to the broader health research community in Canada and internationally. Domestically, this includes linking to other Nodes of Genome Canada’s Genomics Innovation Network, as well as additional groups whose activities could inform and further develop the fields of epigenetics and epigenomics. Internationally, this consortium is expected to build on Canada’s leadership role in the International Human Epigenome Consortium (IHEC), to expand the international reach and impact of CEEHRC.

Funds Available

CIHR and partner(s) financial contributions for this initiative are subject to availability of funds. Should CIHR or partner(s) funding levels not be available or are decreased due to unforeseen circumstances, CIHR and partner(s) reserve the right to reduce, defer or suspend financial contributions to grants received as a result of this funding opportunity.

The total amount available for this funding opportunity is $2 million over 4 years (i.e., up to $500,000 per year) to allow for the establishment of a national consortium, and to fund dedicated research projects between consortium members.

Of this total amount, up to $1 million can be allocated for core networking/knowledge translation activities of the consortium (Program aspects), and up to $1 million can be allocated for research projects to expand the scope and reach of epigenetics/epigenomics research in Canada (Project aspects).

Funding for this consortium is being provided equally by CIHR and Genome Canada (i.e., $1 million each).


This funding opportunity is designed to support the establishment of a national consortium for CEEHRC. This is a key knowledge translation function of the CEEHRC initiative, designed to network together and expand on the previously funded research components. It is also intended to support the further development and expansion of epigenetic research expertise in the country, beyond the level previously supported by the CEEHRC initiative. In broad terms, the over-arching objectives of this consortium funding opportunity are to promote human health through:

Facilitating and expanding the coordination of epigenetics and epigenomic research activities across Canada

Integration of current epigenomic expertise with the broader “omic” infrastructure and resources, including those developed through the Nodes of Genome Canada’s Genomics Innovation Network

Promoting and enhancing international coordination of epigenetic and epigenomic research, while expanding Canadian leadership in these areas

Competition    201501EGT (Phase 1 : Expression of Interest)    201505EPT (Phase 2 : Full Application)

Application Deadline    2015-01-12    2015-05-25

Anticipated Notice of Decision    2015-02-20    2015-07-30

Funding Start Date    N/A    2015-07-01


For questions about this Genome Canada’s participation in this funding opportunity please visit Research Net or contact:

Naveed Aziz

Director, Technology Programs

Genome Canada

Telephone: 613-751-4460 ext. 225


For questions on CIHR funding guidelines, how to apply, and the peer review process contact:

Melody Sajedi

Team Lead, Program Delivery

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Telephone: 613-960-9475


For questions about the CEEHRC initiative and the objectives of this funding opportunity contact:

Eric Marcotte

Associate Director, CIHR Institute of Genetics and Institute of Neurosciences, Mental Health and Addiction

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Telephone: 905-467-1822


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