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Naveed Aziz

Vice-President, Research and Innovation

With over 20 years of genomics experience, Dr. Naveed Aziz drives genomic innovation at Genome Canada by supporting leadership in the delivery of mission-driven challenges and strategic initiatives. He brings a keen interest in how genomics provides solutions to pressing global challenges, and a passion for the development of solutions to big data generation.​
Prior to joining Genome Canada, Dr. Aziz was the Chief Executive Officer of CGEn, where he enabled Canadian leadership in fundamental and applied research in the field of genomics. This included playing a key role in supporting the advancement of technological developments within the field and providing solutions to global challenges related to health, agriculture and related sectors.

He has represented Canada at several national and international committees, including the United Kingdom Ministry of Science and Innovation and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, where Dr. Aziz shared his expertise, insights and best practices with peers from around the world. He is a recognized leader in his field, with a reputation for visionary thinking, strategic planning and exceptional execution. In addition to being awarded the Canadian Association of Research Administrators 2022 Research Partnership Award, Dr. Aziz was named one of Canada’s Emerging Executive Leaders by adMare BioInnovations and Pfizer in 2018 and profiled as one of Canada’s Top 20 Dynamic CEOs in 2021.

Dr. Aziz holds a PhD in Gene Targeting from the University of Dundee, United Kingdom, through the Commonwealth Fulbright Scholarship program. He holds a Master of Philosophy in Biotechnology from Quid-i-Azam University in Islamabad and an Executive MBA from the Bradford School of Management, United Kingdom. He completed his Research Fellowship at the Noble Research Institute and is a graduate of the executive training program at Harvard Business School, both in the United States.