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Promoting healthy living is in our genes!


Génome Québec, the driving force behind the development of genomics in Québec since 2001, is pleased to announce its partnership with the Grand défi Pierre Lavoie (GDPL) as scientific partner of the event.

According to Génome Québec’s Marie-Kym Brisson, Vice President, Public Affairs and Communications, the partnership between both organizations was the obvious choice: “Genomics has played a major role in the Pierre Lavoie story. It was through genomics, in fact, that the gene responsible for lactic acidosis was identified. Génome Québec has always followed Pierre’s activities closely and we share the values he upholds. This is why we are committed to investing in our community and using our expertise to promote prevention through a healthy lifestyle, an important cause for the future of our society.”

As part of the partnership, Génome Québec will make available its expertise and scientific network to GDPL by organizing an international symposium on preventive medicine. The goal of the event will be to better understand, from a scientific point of view, the importance and influence of a healthy lifestyle on human health.

For Pierre Lavoie, the association with Génome Québec will allow GDPL to add a major scientific component to its mandate. “My team and I are extremely proud to have the support of Génome Québec, so that our actions find scientific validation. Even today, I think there is a lack of scientific data on how physical activity and healthy eating can have a direct impact on our health, longevity and quality of life.”

Be part of the movement! Support the Génome Québec cycling team.

To kick off its first year of involvement in the GDPL, Génome Québec has recruited a team of six cyclists to take part in La Boucle, a 135-km cycling tour from Québec City to Lévis. Embracing the challenge on Saturday, June 15, 2013 will be Jean Brunet, Nathalie Hamel, Claude Lamarre, Gabriel Massicotte, Steves Morin and Daniel Tessier.

As an added bonus, fans can follow the event via Webcast on the GDPL Website at and watch live the thousands of cyclists pedalling their way from Saguenay to Montréal (1000 km) on the weekend of June 14 to 16.

About Génome Québec

Since May 2000, Génome Québec has been the driving force behind the development of genomics in Québec. By supporting over 70 projects and 800 researchers and managing the operations of the McGill University and Génome Québec Innovation Centre, Génome Québec is helping to accelerate the discovery of new applications for genomics in strategic areas, such as human health, forestry and the environment.

The funds invested by Génome Québec are provided by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology, the Government of Canada, through Genome Canada, and private partners.

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About the Grand défi Pierre Lavoie

Since November 2008, the Grand défi Pierre Lavoie has been hitting Québec’s roads every year with an ambitious goal: to create the largest health-related happening ever organized in this province and, possibly, in the rest of the country. An initiative of the not-for-profit organization Go le Grand défi, this unique and unifying event is aimed at developing healthy life habits in young people, 6 to 12 years old, and their families, by motivating them to get active, eat well and stay in school.

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