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Genome Canada and SSHRC invest in inclusive Canadian research and innovation


New Knowledge Synthesis Grants in genomics in society will support equitable and impactful solutions to today’s biggest challenges.

Genome Canada and the Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) are proud to invest more than $890,000 in 30 Knowledge Synthesis Grants (KSGs) to map and mobilize research on shifting the dynamics of privilege and marginalization in Canada. Five of the projects awarded focus on genomics, a game-changing science and platform technology with potential for far-reaching societal impact through its many applications.

Investing in inclusive genomics research and innovation shaped by diverse perspectives and communities is vital to addressing current and historic inequities, and to ensuring the benefits of genomics are shared by all Canadians.

The KSG recipients announced today will:

  • Inform the development of effective tools, technologies, policies and sustainable practices—charting a more prosperous and equitable future for Canadians.
  • Enable recipients to explore how the world’s power dynamics are being shaped, at individual, community and societal levels as the result of socio-political events, new technologies (including genomics), the new mis/information age and the COVID-19 pandemic among other factors.

Genomics research generates enormous impacts through new knowledge and technology, and it’s important that we understand how those impacts are experienced. Genome Canada is proud to strengthen our collaboration with SSHRC to bring world-leading social sciences, humanities and genomics research together to tackle these important challenges.


Dr. Rob Annan, President & CEO, Genome Canada

The five genomics-related projects funded will help inform and shape Genome Canada’s challenge-driven initiatives and impact in health, food security and climate action—supporting our strategic priorities to advance inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility (IDEA) and Indigenous truth, reconciliation and engagement as we work to build a more inclusive genomics future for Canada.

Genome Canada is pleased to advance our partnership with SSHRC through this joint investment, building on more than 20 years of investment to bridge genomics research and innovation with the needs and well-being of society, and unique expertise in genomics in society among global genomics funders. Our partnership with SSHRC seeks to increase collaboration at the intersection of genomics and social sciences and humanities research and to ensure more equitable and impactful application of genomics solutions for the benefit of all communities in Canada. Learn more about our partnership with SSHRC.

Explore the five awarded projects focused on genomics below and the full list of KSG recipients here.  

Addressing racisms and anti-racisms in science and teacher education research | Project leader: Nicholas Ng-A-Fook, University of Ottawa

Opportunity and misuse of genetic ancestry data in biomedical research: A systematic review of the literature | Project leader: Yann Joly, McGill University

Developing equity strategies for genomics informed nursing (DESIGN): A scoping review | Project leader: Jacqueline M. Limoges, Athabasca University

Human genomics and racialized communities: Identifying strategies for equitable inclusion | Project leader: Tanvir Chowdhury, University of Calgary

Taking stock and moving forward: Synthesizing ethnic/racial diversity in Canadian social genomics research | Project leader: Yao Zheng, University of Alberta

Quick facts

  • This expanded partnership builds on a 2015 joint investment by Genome Canada and SSHRC in societal implications of genomics research.
  • This collective investment of $890,000 will fund up to 30 research grants across Canada.
  • Five of the 30 grants are specifically invested in projects related to genomics research within a social science and humanities lens.

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