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Mary-Anne Siouti

Program Coordinator

Mary-Anne Siouti supports Genome Canada’s portfolio of programs by providing administrative and operational support. She contributes to design, delivery and coordination across the Genomic Research and Innovation Programs (GRIP) team.

Mary-Anne has worked within the non-profit, transportation and healthcare industries, her most recent role being Project and Automation Support with BioTalent Canada. In that role, she supported the distribution of funds within the Canadian bioeconomy through federal wage subsidy programs in both French and English. Her volunteer experience includes translating between Arabic and English for newcomers to Canada, to help them integrate within their new communities.

Mary-Anne is currently completing a second bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences (BHSc) through Queen’s University to further her knowledge of human genetics, healthcare and related fields. She holds a BSc (Bachelor of Science) from McMaster University, where she majored in Environmental Science.