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Boosting Entrepreneurial Skills and Training BEST in Genomics


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Entrepreneurship Education in Genomics

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Boosting Entrepreneurial Skills  and Training: BEST in Genomics objectives are to foster, analyze and maximize the know-ledge translation of scientific innovations into commercially relevant outputs. Specifically, how to create and capture value from one’s research and to translate these discoveries into marketable applications, products, technologies, systems and processes. Therefore, we aim to fully optimize the availability of expertise from all stakeholders (universities, research centers6, UTTS/IULO, industry-led clusters, private firms) in order to build an embedded and symbiotic entrepreneurship education profile for genomics, while creating and improving short-, mid- and long-term economic outcomes in Canada. Central to achieving these goals will be helping researchers and their projects by understanding the processes and players involved in commercialization, and to provide them with the necessary entrepreneurial skills warranted to succeed. This way, we will increase the likelihood that their projects will become success commercial products.

BEST‘s innovative proposal emphasizes the early introduction of an entrepreneurial spirit and culture among the team members of research projects funded by Genome Canada. It does this using a four-Level personalized approach that brings together individuals and their entrepreneurial objectives: combining active learning tools as Internet self-assessment tests, intra- or entrepreneurship potential profiling, role models, small case studies, discussion boards, on-line training sessions with interactive 2-3 days seminars, on-line simulations, multiple networking events, boot camps and even tailor-made coaching. It will further provide mentoring from experienced entrepreneurial researchers and private entrepreneurs; with all of these expected to be applied within each Level of Intervention:

Level 1 : Enlightening entrepreneurial awareness

Level 2 : Scientific innovation and opportunity recognition

Level 3 : Enhancing the value of innovations – Connecting science to industry

Level 4 : Bouncing from project to commercialization

Our pedagogy is quite different from traditional technology MBA and Ph.D. programs, relying on concepts pre-tested with our advisory board. This Entrepreneurial Profile embedded approach.