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Corporate policies

Genome Canada’s corporate policies have been developed, either to comply with the terms and conditions of the funding agreements with Industry Canada, or the organization’s general bylaws, or corporate governance manual.


Genome Canada recognizes that the research ecosystem is strengthened, research quality is enhanced, and social relevance and impact are improved when all groups contribute to research and innovation. Genome Canada is committed to ensuring that Canadian genomics researchers have equitable opportunities to participate.

Genome Canada recognizes that challenges remain in achieving the full participation of equity-seeking groups (including women, visible minorities, Indigenous peoples, people with diverse gender identities, and people with disabilities) in scientific careers and is committed to identifying and eliminating barriers that may exist within its own hiring process, programs and peer-review system.

The creation of an equitable, diverse, and inclusive research ecosystem requires the participation of all its members. Genome Canada is committed to supporting its partners and its community in moving this endeavour forward.

As such, Genome Canada is developing a Framework on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion that will guide the development and administration of all of its programs and to enhance research excellence in genomics.